The Collage – the art of dissociating the formalist dream from the imaginary epic

– deciphering the European avant-garde –

The advantages of the artistic avant-garde lie in the need for an expression that breaks down conventional social barriers, raising unlimited constructions in the empty space of the dream.

The desire to step into an unknown territory, virgin in its essence, led me to decode traces of the classicized European avant-garde in a playful-conspiratorial manner. A month of continuous creation from the year 2018 – this is the story of the “Human Odyssey” that I could only assume in the form of collages in ACEO format (2.5 x 3.5 inches).

When I have some time I will post the whole series in sets of 6 collages at a time, presenting them framed and accompanied by a decoding text of what they represent for me.

Human Odyssey – Series No 001-006

  • I often think about the innocence of daydreaming as a child. A chapter still being written with symbols instead of insurance policies luring any of the brave into a nameless fantasy world.
  • With the strength of a tornado, dreams change into principles, values and personal philosophies, and yesterday’s kids into correct political attitudes like sloppy jazz improvisations.
  • We breathe and inhale as we parachute onto an intimidating shore where people turn into balloons that can burst at any moment. Endless waters are about to linger in our place somewhere on The Sunset Boulevard.

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