Maria Marcu (aka Maria PopArt) was born in Romania in 1977. From 1999 she has an Academic Degree in Ecology and Environmental Protection.
Starting with 2009 she became an independent visual artist, the persistent searches of her own style quickly imposing her artworks among erotic art lovers from all over the world.
Maria Marcu is a co-founder of “The New Citadel” – a nonprofit organization for the revival of cultural identity. Part of her work was illustrating a neo-avant-garde magazine, as well as the eight volumes of lyrics printed by the organization between 2015 and 2021.
In 2018 her first art album entitled “Human Odyssey” appears in a bilingual Romanian-English limited edition which contains the series of 192 mini-collages made a year earlier.
At the end of 2019 is printed her first monographic retrospective art album, also in a bilingual Romanian-English limited edition, entitled “Charta Erotica” and containing 126 of the most important personal creations from the first decade of artistic activity.
From December 2019 until the spring of 2020, during the global quarantine, she finished working on the 10-collage album “Live from Catharsis” – handmade in a single copy using the pages of a former photo album from the 80s. In the same year she begins to illustrate the ”ManiFArtE” magazine (Manifestos & Fine Art Eretica) – an universal subrealistic show-window from The New Vanguard. 

Artist Statement

I consider freedom of expression to be the most important one in the artistic evolution of a painter. I chose to devote myself as an erotic and militant artist to break down ideological barriers and false prejudices that still dominate the modern society.
The art must remain for all, enjoying and illuminating the spirit of every human being, it is the embodiment of unrestrained freedom. Art must breathe through our desires, our pleasures and our common fantasies. That is why I continue to visually express what I feel most authentic in people – the intimate emotion.


I am only offering unique works for sale (paintings, collages, mixed media) and not alternative products such as prints, lithographs or copies printed on various media.


Email: mariapopart@yahoo.com
Address: Maria Marcu, OP 1 – CP 25, Roman 611072, Neamt, Romania

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