It was impossible for me, seeing all the news these past few days coming out of California, not to react in a positive style. And even though I hadn’t heard of the weather term “bomb cyclone” before, I knew all too well about winters with snow covering everything from houses and cars to roads with over a meter of snowdrifts.

I knew this because in Romania, 30 years ago, we used to make tunnels through the snow so that we could get out of our houses, exactly as is happening now in the north of the west coast of America. And with the thaw, we were “welcomed” by floods that covered half the country, exactly as is the case in the south of the same state.

What happened to the sunny California we all dreamed of during the harsh winter? It just so happened that she was immortalized in an iconic song for the hippie era and now I’m immortalizing her in an erotic-psychedelic artwork.

Times are changing before our eyes, good friends, and everything we knew was forever today has been reversed: in Europe we have +20 degrees and -20 degrees Celsius in California. What remains unchanged is how we continue to imagine an oasis of perfection through California Dreamin’.

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