Two years of forced isolation. A year of war for natural resources. Human tragedies in natural disasters. False ideologies sold as ideals. Earth now seems like a secret military base where the superior commands and the cadets obey without a word.

I belong to the gene of unequivocal humanity and I want to fight with my weapons – art and word – for the things I believe in. This is what freedom is all about. That’s why I will always seek to be honest and seek to understand what comes next. So that future storms do not catch me unprepared, so that they do not demoralize me, so that they do not defeat the only truly human thing: the spirit.

The financial chaos that we witness from the sidelines, like docile spectators, only serves to distance us from each other, to isolate each of us even deeper in our cocoon. The world needs to find itself in the needs of each individual – this should be the paradigm of the new millennium.

Let us seek together the time to come because only united in beliefs we are strong!

I wish all of you around my art a New Year of self-rediscovery!


In search of time to come

Original abstract painting by Maria Marcu. Art details: – Medium: Acrylic on Fabriano 300gsm Paper – Size: 35 x 22.5 cm (13.7 x 8.8 inches) – Technique: Modernism / Abstract Art Guarantees: – This is a GENUINE PAINTING. – The artwork is signed by the artist and will be shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity (like in the SPECIMEN scan). – FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE by Registered Mail with track & trace included. YOU CAN ORDER THE PAINTING HERE (Click on your favorite payment method below to complete your order)


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