The artist’s manifesto – When erotic art is within reach of censored minds

Obstruction of any kind, but especially artistic obstruction, seemed to me the meanest method of asserting one’s powerlessness. The inability to understand the flowing forms of art of any kind, the inability to assert the evolutionary independence of creation, the inability not to judge without even trying to understand the free nature of the artistic act.

I declared myself an erotic artist from my first attempts, and that’s why I believed that the assumption is an honest proof of what you want to conceive and render. Now I find myself in the unfortunate position of arguing with one of the biggest aggregators of contemporary art: eBay. Why? Because all my artwork posted there under the “Nudes” category is vilely censored without my knowledge. Instead of the titles chosen by me (taking into account of course the site’s policy) now only the following message can be seen: “Adult only item – Requires verification”.

My feeling is that those who now run the eBay platform are trying to rally themselves to the new politically correct directions, omitting that before such profoundly undemocratic decisions, there were so many misfortunes caused by the ideological censorship of communists, fascists, Nazis, religious fundamentalists and military dictators.

The vision of an artistic mind cannot be erased with a click, just as thousands of book titles and works of art have not perished even if they have been banned, thrown into the fire or judged. Resistance through culture is the air humanity needs to get out of the shit it has been mercilessly thrown into. And yes, erotic culture is increasingly present in series, in movies or books, being an integral part of the response to the indiscriminate attacks of Internet modern censors.

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