An individual is divided into seven bodies.
– From birth till the first seven years of life, the physical body sole is built up.
– After seven years till fourteen years, the etheric body grows (the time period of emotional development of the person).
– From the age of fourteen to twenty, the astral body evolves (reasoning, thinking, and intellect is grown).
– Between the ages of twenty-one to twenty-eight years, the mental body is developed (intellect / psyche).
– The normal period for the growth of the spiritual body is from 28 years to 35 years (to obtain the soul is to get everything).
– The natural duration of the development of the cosmic body is between the ages of 35 to 42 years (achieve the God-realization stage).
– The Nirvanic body is a stage of bodilessness, an incorporeal state. This is the final situation only the void outstays (Nirvana means the end of the flame).

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Seven Bodies

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