Weekend socializing – My Erotica between feminism and femininity

When I started painting erotic art, there were enough moral barriers to make me give up. However, I preferred not to restrain the inner voice that whispered to me that everything I do would become coherent and visible enough to succeed in witnessing my own artistic development and evolution. But what mattered most was the desire to be able to express myself freely in front of everyone, regardless of general opinions about erotica.

As I progressed, I began to discover the suite of social conveniences, taboos or restrictions that an erotic artist has to face. With my works, I wanted to be exactly in the middle of an important cultural niche of humanity, between feminism and femininity, in the footsteps of the ancient Greek idealistic sculptors or anonymous Roman muralists. I had on my side the fact that I am a woman and I can reveal the feminine underground emotion in so many different situations.

Feminism for me is not gender radicalism, but the possibility of discovering the strength of character and equal opportunities in society. And when it comes to femininity, I don’t think there is anyone who can doubt the endless ways of passionate expression on the part of a woman. What I have managed so far has been to combine these two facets of female eroticism in which I strongly believe.

Excess power ends up coordinating crowds and ways of thinking, programming restrictive milestones and impossible rules for an artist’s total freedom of expression. I think it is wrong in this modern era that erotic art is subject to official censorship, unlike antiquity and the Renaissance, and still avoided by many critics or museums for the total transparency of the visual message. We all know that forbidden things are the most desirable and in the name of a dubious morality there have always been artistic constraints. I will continue my artistic struggle regardless of the blur to which my paintings will be subjected, resisting the undefeated barricade of erotica between feminism and femininity.

I wish you all inspiration and peace of mind!

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