The fulminating evolution of advertising has been permanently accompanied throughout modern history by the cosmeticized image of women. Regardless of the type of product displayed, the portraits of successful models from different eras were the ones that generated audience and sales. The only goal was to replace the real qualities of the product offered with the bright visual effect of a kind, smiling face and always available to the customer.

In this project I set out to achieve the opposite effect to undermine the classic subterfuge: I juxtaposed images of different products promoted in fashion magazines from 1960-1990 with famous or anonymous faces, with the obvious desire to rediscover the imaging context and the type of visual expression. In this way, I obtained a counterbalance of the two main elements (human model + products) through a generous avant-garde formula of unconditional extrapolation of advertising communication in the sphere of the usual female portraiture. Paradoxically, the banal and the common language have disappeared, offering the viewer the magic formula of reinterpretation in an enigmatic, symbolic and personalized key.

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Original series of 36 portraits collages by Maria Marcu. ”Retrovisions” series was created in 2020 in a manner of surreal pop art that represents extrapolations of female portraits in media advertising using the collage technique from the early days of the artistic avant-garde. Art details: – Medium: Collage on black cardboard 250gsm – Size: 21 x 30 cm (8.3 x 11.8 inches) / each collage – Technique: Pop Art / Surrealism Guarantees: – These are GENUINE COLLAGES. – The artworks are signed by the artist and will be shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity. – FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE by Registered Mail with track & trace included. YOU CAN ORDER THE SERIES HERE (Click on your favorite payment method below to complete your order)


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