Weekend socializing – My second life and the world exposed

The modern world is about exposure. People expose their lives. People expose their bodies. People expose their fantasies. And even in that moment of public exhibition, I appear and expose their most intimate feelings, emotions and habits.

It may seem absurd to others to imitate the original coordinates of life, but for me it is almost an epic battle to portray the beauty of people when no one seems to have the strength and desire to do so. Personal implosion seems an absurd necessity of existential reconversion, insofar as decomposition and dissolution would be the saving solutions.

Coming from a female artist, the portrayal of desirable female features can be judged as an unmistakable and even distinctive tacit agreement. By painting them I assume the artistic desire to perpetuate the images of the woman in her most hidden hypostases. So if the modern world is about exposure, for me contemporary art is about the transparency of our way of being.

I could have painted landscapes or static nature, but I chose to model the feminine reactions and their most intimate emotions because I feel them as my second life.

The artist Maria Marcu in 2021 – polaroid pop art photo diptych

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