Weekend socializing – When and how much do I paint in a day?

I used to spend most of my time in front of a painting in the evening. I was probably drawn to the stillness of the night (or its “tenderness,” as F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote). In fact, I manage to be productive after 8 pm, stretching with work even until 1 am.

It all starts with a working sketch on my little table (I don’t work on an easel due to the relatively small size of a work and the countless details I have to take care of). This seems to me a personal process and the flat surface of the work table helps me to get closer to the chosen subject and female characters.

Even if I also made larger paintings, the surface chosen in 90% of cases (27 x 35 cm) is because I wanted to be able to offer collectors from all over the world free shipping. Being the maximum size allowed, it was the only way I could send my paintings in recommended envelopes. In this way I was able to bear the cost of shipping, which in the case of packages is very high.

Currently, finishing a work of art takes me between 3 and 5 days / nights, and this has been happening for some time in recent years. Even if 10 years ago I could finish a painting in one day, maximum two, now this process is delayed because:
1. I am constantly looking to discover new working techniques
2. The complexity of the works has advanced
3. I am getting older and my eyesight is weakening

For the surface I chose some details can be even millimeters and weakening the eyes is my enemy no. 1. The fact that the technique of working in Tempera is best suited for in-depth detailing and color separation (chromatic dissection, as I call it) is a real help to me, but at the same time the miniature component of the exercise makes the work more difficult as the years go by.

I wish you all inspiration and peace of mind!

Pop artist Maria Marcu working on painting ”friDADAli” in 2020

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