Weekend socializing – Why am I not on social media?

I want to take advantage of a few free moments that I have every Saturday to tell you why I don’t have socializing accounts and, at the same time, to socialize with you (blog followers) some thoughts about the life of an independent artist.

For 10 years now I have chosen not to register on social media because:

1. I do not trust the modern mechanisms of promotion, considering them only tools of manipulation.

2. I never seek to evolve in relation to the opinion of others.

3. I am a discreet person who does not like stardom.

4. I prefer to enjoy the peace of every day instead of wandering aimlessly.

5. I believe that one’s own universe is built only by working, in time.

6. I free myself by making art and not talking about it.

7. Art is about subjective pleasure, not about collective flattery.

8. I believe that only the generations that will come after you will prove whether or not you mattered as an artist of your time, not the “gossip” or “criticism” of the present.

I wish you all inspiration and peace of mind!

Rainbow seen from my window exactly 2 years ago – on October 9, 2019

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