Beware of fake websites who “sell” art!

I have noticed in recent months an offensive by hackers (fake, fraudulent or scam websites) regarding works of art signed by me.

First of all I want to reconfirm that I only sell original works (not prints!) and the places where you can buy original paintings / mixed media / graphics and collages signed by me are just these two addresses:

official website:

ebay store:

Of course, I’m not the only artist who “appears” on these so-called online sales platforms, but I draw your attention so as not to be fooled. So far I have discovered over 15 such fake sites that have posted paintings of mine. You can distinguish them from my official art stores by the fact that they all offer discounts of 80-90% of the real price. In order to know how to distinguish a fake site, I tell you that I do not make such offers with visible discounts.

If you find other places on the web where paintings of mine are uploaded without my knowledge, please let me know. Many thanks and be vigilant!

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