”CHARTA EROTICA” – a monographic retrospective art album in a bilingual Romanian-English limited edition of 50 printed copies containing 126 of the most important personal creations of the first decade of Maria Marcu’s artistic activity.

The clear outline of the organic compositions, the artist declaring herself a one-sided portraitist, driven only by the reactions of the erotic-charged tectonic plate from the depths of the feminine ego, allows us to spot the trace of a unique coordinate in the Romanian independent art so far.
Maria Marcu paints not what she believes, but only what she feels. She is the recipient of real emotions, released from the system of social values, transmitting them in the most convenient way in the form of illustrative interpretations for the era we are going through.
” – Editor D.M.

Charta Erotica

Retrospective art album of Maria Marcu’s first decade of artistic activity. Year of appearance: 2019 / 136 pages Size: 21 x 30 cm / 8.3 x 11.8 inches The art album is accompanied by the author’s signature and dedication. YOU CAN ORDER THE BOOK HERE (Click on your favorite payment method below to complete your order)


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