On the infernal corridor of the former imperial conquests lie the painful memories of those who were enslaved, tortured, sacrificed. Imperiala is the embodiment of the imperfection and rapacity that have crippled the collective consciousness, bringing humanity to the point where it must discern the truth behind closed doors. The fragility of a common body subjected to evolutionary transformations, but always ready to be torn again by the ruthless fangs of the “superior” beasts in the name of selective ideologies.



Original erotic painting by Maria Marcu. The painting was made in a surrealist style with imagistic correspondences from cubism and pop art, being a symbolic representation of the gentle and the rapacious in the same body (pride & guilt) – this beauty and the beast of our modern civilization. Art details: – Medium: Acrylic on Canvas – Size: 45 x 60 cm (17.7 x 23.6 inches) – Technique: Surrealism / Cubism / Pop Art Guarantees: – This is a GENUINE PAINTING. – The artwork is signed by the artist and will be shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity (like in the SPECIMEN scan). – FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE by UPS Courier (track & trace included). YOU CAN ORDER THE PAINTING HERE (Click on your favorite payment method below to complete your order)


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